How Often Should You Work Out?

I get asked quite often about the frequency one should workout. My answer is usually “it depends”. Not the definitive answer most people want. But it really does depend on several factors, such as fitness level, goals, and time you are able to commit to your workout. It also depends on the type of exercise […]

10 Tips for Weight Loss in the New Year

Welcome to the New Year. The diet commercials and hacks on social media are inundating us at every turn. Words like “resolution”, “diet’“, “no carb” or “low carb”, “and New year, new you” are everywhere. I’m of the mindset that you don’t need a new you in the new year. You are amazing as is. […]

What You Should Be Tracking, But Probably Aren’t

When you want to lose weight, more likely than not, you will begin tracking your food intake, measuring portion sizes, cutting out certain foods from your diet, as well as weighing yourself regularly, and maybe even taking your measurements. At first your nutrition is on point. You may even see the scale budge a little. […]

Best Equipment to Buy for a Home Gym

During our social distancing at home, I have had several clients ask me what gym equipment they should buy to get a workout in at home. Many people start with a treadmill or, lately, a Peloton. That’s fine, but they aren’t very versatile. Plus, how many of these pieces of cardio equipment eventually become expensive […]

Yoga: It’s For Everybody and Every Body

There is this huge misconception that yoga is just for people who are super flexible or Instagram models, but that’s ridiculous. It’s equivalent to needing to know how to hit a home run in order to play baseball. Or you need to be CEO material in order to get a job. That’s crazy! Sure, those […]

8 Tips to Surviving the Holidays

It’s that time of year again. Holiday feasts. Holiday parties. Holiday cookie trays. It seems like an endless parade of food at every turn. What is a StrongGirl to do? Should we just give in and pack on those 5 pounds of Holiday weight? Nope! You can survive the Holidays without weight gain. I have […]

Why Do I Pee When I Jump?

Do you leak a bit when you sneeze or cough? Do you have to run to the bathroom before your trainer or group class has you jump? Maybe you avoid those exercises altogether for fear of peeing all of the floor. Leaking urine is common. It’s nearly two times as common in women than in […]

5 Benefits of Strength Training

When I worked for a local box gym, each member would get a free workouts with a trainer every month. women would come to me wanting to lose weight, flatten their tummies, get rid of their “batwings”, and tone up. None of them expressed a desire to get stronger or to learn how to use […]