STRONG Training

I focus on strength training to build our muscles and create a stronger woman who is capable of anything. I take each woman at their fitness level and progress her as she learns to move better.

I don’t throw exercises and weights at my clients and expect them to automatically know how to perform movements or use weights they aren’t ready for. That is a recipe for injury. I want all of my women to move better and be injury free.

Training Options

Private Training

Starting at $216


Starting at $148

PRIVATE Training

These 50 minute sessions are one-on-one for individual attention.

Month to Month
These 50 minute sessions are for up to 3 ladies per session. You do not need to find other ladies to work with. You can join other ladies who also chose the semi-private option. However, if you have some ladies you wish to work with, please bring them! The more the merrier. Don’t worry, you will not lose the attention you get in the private sessions. I am always watching and making corrections, as well as cheering everyone on.