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Strong Girl Revolution

We are not just a gym. We are a community – a family of women with an interest in being the healthier and strongest versions of ourselves.

We should tell you we’re more than just a gym.

I focus on strength training to build muscle and create a stronger woman who is capable of taking on the world.
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1:1 Training


Semi-Private Training

Hi! I'm Nancy Sher. I started StrongGirl Revolution as a way to show women that lifting weights doesn't mean a bulky, manly body.

I take each woman at her fitness level and progress her as she masters the movement and gains strength. I do not throw exercises at my clients and expect her to automatically know how to perform them, nor do I give them weights they aren’t ready for. That’s a recipe for injury. I want my clients to move better, get stronger, and be injury free.

Why STrong Girl?

Sure We Lift Weights and Work Hard, But...

We push each other and support one another throughout our journeys. When YOU are stronger, WE are stronger. That’s community. That’s StrongGirl Revolution.

Benefits of a StrongGirl

Other than creating an overall feeling of Badassery, some benefits of a StrongGirl include:

Mission Statement

Create a safe community for women in an environment that promotes body positivity and confidence through safely executed personal training and professionally sourced education to support our clients’ unique female health and fitness goals.